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Making a House your Home

Written By Donna Joerling (Owner and Broker). Created on 12/04/2013.

HOME or HOUSE which one would you want when we celebrate Hallmark's Having a Roof over your HEAD day.


We just assume in this great country that having a roof over our head means we have a home.  What if the roof over our head was a car roof and your home was your car?  Would it still be home if it was metal and padded with rubber protection?  Would you still feel warm and cozy in the winter weather?  How would you invite your friends over to your cozy car home?  How would you prepare a pot roast for you and your kids in your car home?


In this time of year when people practice the gift of gratitude and thankfulness, are we really enjoying the true FEELING of this season?  


Sometimes I really wonder how do I define home?  Is it that feeling you get when you walk into the house after being gone all day at work?  Sometimes I think and feel like I am home when I eat fried chicken and mashed potatoes like my Mother Rita use to enjoy.  There is no roof, just the feeling of being home.  


Then when I hear the giggle of my grandchildren and see my children be new parents, then I feel home, even in their apartments, it is still home.


The definition of home continues to unwind and be discovered as I grow older and wiser knowing that whatever, wherever the feeling, the smell, the sense, the whisper of history and past family events, the spelling of HOME comes to mind.  It is really about the M not the US in HOME.  When you create the HOME wherever that may be, you can drop the US and make it HOME for all.  


Open your doors, open your heart and let HOME come into you again.  Technology is amazing but the quickness and pace of living today is far more than the human body can sustain.  The constant need for entertainment, over stimulated mind and emotions, can't keep up with the technology that continues to intrude on our personal lives.


Don't get me wrong, I love technology and how I can use it in my life and real estate career.  What we as humans must learn is how to balance the usage of the devices, the constant noise, the interruptions of our silence and solitude and find ourselves once again.  Create your home nest within yourself each and every day, if not more than once a day.  Turn off the electronics at least an hour before you lay down to rest and unwind and revisit the HOME you created during the day with your friends, family, new passerbys on the street and the like.  


Wouldn't it be great that every night when we go to sleep every human in the world could have a ROOF ABOVE THEIR HEAD and a HOME IN THEIR HEART.  Best wishes to you and yours as you open your heart to love and peace.

The Joerling Group