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SMELLS that definitely affect listing your house for sale

Have you ever walked into a home that is for sale and wondered WHAT IS THAT SMELL?  Did you know that sometimes our automatic senses kick in bringing with them all kinds of associated memories to that SMELL and instantly the buyers and their whole family are making quick decisions about whether to even ENTER THE HOME from the doorway where the smells are swirling?

As a professional REALTOR for some 18 years and definitely a REALTOR that has a great NOSE FOR SMELLS (A gift from my momma by the way) I can detect SMELLS that will affect your house sale immediately.

Walking in and having a home laden with TOO MUCH scetn is not attractive nor favorable either.

SMELLS OF FRESH GRASS BEING CUT:These kind of smells can evoke the joy of a fresh spring day, a ride in the country in a convertible, horse back riding down the farm lane and things like that.

Smells of a pipe may bring back fond memories of your childhood with grandpa or a favorite uncle.

Smells of cigarette smoke especially to a non-smoker or reformed smoker sends messages of the house needs to be cleaned, stains will most likely be on the walls from the smoke discharged, and the carpet may have lots of ashes that have to be scrubbed out.  Many times that smell is almost impossible to get rid of even if you replace all the carpeting in the house.

Smells of grease, cooking etc., send a message of no thorough house cleaning, grease stains on flooring, and could even lead to assumptions of deferred maintenance on the house especially in the kitchen/dining areas of the home.

Positioning fresh cut perky flowers in the kitchen, bathrooms and more can bring COLOR and ENERGY to the home as well as introduce some fresh smells to the home.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ask someone that does NOT live in the house to come by and give you a very honest opinion of what SMELLS you may have that can be eliminated. Masking them with other perfume sorts of products is not the answer.  Buyers want a clean, pleasant feel and smell when they approach your home starting from the curb to the back porch.

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