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Signs of a Monster Buck are seen in Beaufort, MO!

Signs of a Monster Buck are seen in Beaufort, MO!

Written By (Missouri Real Estate Agent). Created on 12/15/2014.

It was like an episode of "Finding Bigfoot" this weekend. While touring The Joerling Groups Real Estate new farm and hunting land listing in Beaufort, MO, we soon saw the signs of a monster buck lurking among the 100 acres. First sign was the rubbed cedar tree, which gave way to us looking for the trail he had been using. Which was not hard to find, as it was glaring out at us as we looked over to the wood line and saw the trench's grooved out of the ground where not only the "Monster Buck" was passing through but the entire herd.

Following, the worn path we came to the clearing of the field road where it gave way another sign that we were on our own version of "Finding Bigfoot". The "Monster Buck" footprint was right there before our eyes. It gave way that this old buck call's this 100 acre tract his own. Within a few feet, yet another rub and we saw reminisce of a scrap from the rut. The broken branches were over 6' tall. The hunt for the Monster was on.
As we crept thought the draws and up the hillsides, through the thick cedar groves, peaking out over the meadows and seeing further signs in the creek bed, we unfortunately never did get a sighting of this Monster. The heart was racing to see this guy. So game cameras were in place to seek out how big this "Monster Buck" is.
A buck like this is not seen too often, as any hunter will tell you, they lurk in the distances and seek cover when human scent is present. Although, when we get signs like this we try to get him on camera, so we can name him and look to use all our tactics to hunt him next deer season. I look forward to capturing this "Monster Buck" on camera and sharing with those seeking a great hunting tract in MO. As a combination of meadows, woods, food plots multiple wet weather creeks and thick cover will give way to harvest him and offers other picks of the herd.

You could be the new owners of this hunting land to give way to the naming rights of this "Monster Buck!" What will you call this Monster Buck that awaits your trophy room?

The Joerling Group