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Missouri woos and moos dairies to Missouri farm lands-Huge economic impact

Missouri woos and moos dairies to Missouri farm lands-Huge economic impact

Written By Donna Joerling (Owner and Broker). Created on 10/24/2014.

Working with the Missouri Dairy Growth Council MDGC to bring dairy operations to Missouri has been very interesting and has great opportunities for economic growth in our state. I was told that for each 'cow' brought to Missouri for a dairy operation, the economic impact factor is $23,000 annually. That is an amazing number and one that should be top of mind with our economic development groups across the State.

Somewhere along the line I think we forget how very important agriculture is to the State of Missouri and the overall impact it has on everything we do, see and enjoy in this State. A lot of attention gets put towards things that are a fraction of what impact agriculture makes on our State and it is time for our consumers to 'wake up' and realize how important it is.


I enjoy getting behind a tractor moving equipment from one farm to another. To me that shows progress, harvesting is being done, corn and soybeans are making it toward the grain elevators or being stored until pricing of crops equalizes.

Driving back from Jefferson City this week after meeting with representatives from the ELectrical co-operatives, soybean association, corn growers association, MFA, Department of Agriculture, Mizzou science departments and more, I just had to record how excited I was to get involved at another level with the MDGC.

Mooooving Dairies to Missouri

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