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MISSOURI REALTORS making our industry strong and viable in Missouri

MISSOURI REALTORS making our industry strong and viable in Missouri

Written By Donna Joerling (Owner and Broker). Created on 10/09/2013.


We are so excited about our new look and how it is symbolic of the gems of real estate we sell in Missouri.  A state full of viable commercial (red), residential roof tops (blue) and the natural land resources (yellow) that flow throughout our fine State filled with rivers, nature, abundant hardworking individuals and the like.  That is what makes up our logo.  Aren't you excited to live in our State of Missouri and own real estate here?


Missouri REALTORS® what does that mean to you as a consumer?  What does it mean to us as agents that belong to this organization?


We are part of a larger organization than the local brokerage, the local board of REALTORS® and even the State Missouri Association.  We are part of the National Association of REALTORS® and with that comes responsibility and our Code of Ethics which is celebrating its 100 years of existence this year.


Just because people are licensed to sell real estate does not mean that they have chosen to join our organization and abide by the rules and guidelines.  Ask your agent if they are a REALTOR® and what that means to them.  Ask them if they are involved in their local board of real estate and if they attend local and state meetings as well as National meetings to really find out what is going on within the real estate industry as a whole.


What does it mean to me as a broker?


Since 2000 when I became licensed, I have attended every State and National meeting except for a handful due to health and family illness.  I am committed to this industry and I hope that carries forward in my performance and the way I handle my clients.  At these State meetings and National meetings, we make policy, we make recommendations on how to monitor ourselves with the various government oversight agencies that work with us, and we work with the large lending institutions such as FNMA and Freddie Mac to assure our lending in this country is solid and that they are listening to the people in the real estate world that do daily transactions involving individuals such as yourself.  If we don't monitor the Federal guidelines and try to stop ludicrous guidelines, stop fundamentally wrong lending policies, then our entire country suffers, not just the real estate community.


Don't you want to hire someone that gives up personal and professional time to protect your assets and your liabilities?  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Ultimately, the decision is up to you as a consumer, are you interviewing your agents that are going to handle your property?

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