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Missouri Duck Hunting with Scott WIlson land agent

Notes from a past successful Duck Hunt by Scott Wilson: It seems the cold front's have officially moved on! The forecast is set for 50's for the next 5 days. Above average, but seems to be an early Christmas gift to the Central Missouri duck hunters? We saw a hard freeze move in later than previous years, but still a disappointment.

Most clubs are still seeing ice around 5 inches thick.

The geese have moved in as well in the past week. Rest lake around 40 acres seeing around 300 a night moving in. No pressure on these birds. Seems not a lot of hunters have ventured out in the past week? Hunting is still excellent in the St. Louis region. Pressure has decrease drastically, but those that are getting out and busting ice are still seeing working birds, call shy, but will commit and will see finial approach! The good news is St. Charles County is still holding a large number of birds and with weather predictions for the next 10 days the hunting should only see better results.

I want to simply repeat what I have heard. This is not my opinion, but simply what others have shared with me - St. Charles County in the next 3 years will be the next Stugartt???? I personally have not have made the trip to Arkansas, but from what I hear the hunt is a life experience. We have had some great days; days that I thought I would never see, but from what I here share what Stugratt has - the hunt of a life time?

I have enjoyed the days I have had and cherish each day. Duck hunting is a passion shared by a few. Most will not break through frozen lakes to stand in freezing waters in the hope to fire the trigger? To only experience the gun to be frozen and call for extreme measures? To call upon the old boy that smokes to lend you his lighter to un-freeze your action.

These are the days that keep us coming back!

I look forward to continue the reports from the Eastern Central Missouri state , should you look to venture this direction for an excellent hunt, email me and I will help guide you the local hot spots. In the future I will also aid in articles pertaining to the liabilities and the ability to obtain cheap insurance to protect your firearm's and hunt clubs.

Feel free to email at any time to get the latest report in St. Charles County Missouri.

Remember to always be safe when hunting - identify your target - and when you can take a kid hunting - pass on what you have experienced. Passing on what you have experienced is an opportunity - share it as often as you can!

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