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Hoarding and the home sale checklist

Hoarding and the home sale checklist

Written By Donna Joerling (Owner and Broker). Created on 08/15/2013.


Holding onto too many items and things can seriously affect the ability for you to sell your home and get ready for the marketing of your property.  It is important to understand the feelings that go with holding onto something that you no longer really need.  There is an EMOTION tied to the object for some reason.  Many times this is triggered by a horrific or significant LOSS in your life.  Perhaps the loss of your health, the loss of a child, sibling or spouse or parent.  All of these items are life changing losses that can cause people to hold onto anything and everything struggling to find peace and comfort in their possessions.  Even though these outside items can never FILL THE VOID in their heart, the loneliness and the yearning for the loved one long gone, they struggle to find a way to replace them.  It does not work.  


When you start to clean up and de-clutter your rooms, you will go through an emotional clean up along the way.  Be prepared with a box of Kleenix to let the tears of release roll down your cheeks.  It will be the most cleansing thing you can do and the most effective way to 'cleanse your soul' and clean your house simultaneously.  Be extremely gentle on yourself and do things in a systematic way so you can see immediate results.  Tackle the easy rooms first, or the ones you spend the most time within such as your bedroom.  


Here are some de-cluttering action items you can do to make this happen in a systematic approach.


1.  Do one room at  a time (start with your bedroom); do one closet at a time sorting and sifting the items that you actively wear (Picture the new owners of the clothing enjoying them)

2.  Reward yourself with a cup of tea or apple pie (something nurturing when you are done and enjoy the clean space you have just created)  Might be fun to take before and after photos so you can see literally what you have accomplished and give yourself a pat on the back of success.

3.  Take all LIKE things and put them together such as books, CD's, Tapes, cords, office supplies and box them up for organizing or donating.

4.  Have a large trash can with liner while sorting.

5.  Have a large donating box for items, and a large bag for clothing items.  When they are full, put them in your car to transport out immediately.

6.  Drink lots of water and refresh yourself with rewards of rest  periods.


As always, take care of yourself when you are preparing for a home real estate sale.


When I work with someone preparing their home for sale that has accumulated a lot of extra items, the most important thing I do is coach them and we set a deadline for when they will be ready.  They have specific target dates to have items done.  Photographing homes and out buildings that are full of items does NOT WORK.  If you can't even see the corners, buyers cannot see the potential and the true characteristic features of the property as well.  


Happy sifting, sorting, cleansing and de-cluttering from Donna your Comfy Chair Coaching  friend.

The Joerling Group