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Fire Prevention Day, Hug your local FIRE PERSONNEL

Fire Prevention Day Hug your local fireman or firewoman

Written By Donna Joerling (Owner and Broker). Created on 10/09/2013.



Today like everyday should be FIRE PREVENTION DAY


Young men and women every hour are doing the right thing as they go above and beyond their call of duty to protect life and property from the throws of flames.  My son Timothy is a volunteer firefighter in Washington, Missouri.  For that I am both grateful and fearful.  You see as young people, they don't often realize the dangers and the personal risks that they may take to protect others and to serve us, the general public.  I am forever grateful to the men and women who have chosen to serve as volunteer and paid fire department and emergency personnel, ambulance staff and the like.


Please be always aware of your behaviors and those you observe as you camp, drive, and do your normal daily activities. Where there is SMOKE there could be fire, call it in to the experts and prevent fires.  Who knows you could be a hero to someone who's life you save.


Senseless loss of life and property happens when people are careless.  As a society and as human beings, let's work together to make sure no more forest fires are caused by our stupidity or lack of follow through such as putting out a cigarette, a match, a campfire and more.  God bless the firefighters who lost their lives this year and their loved ones they left alone to struggle with their loss. 

The Joerling Group