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FATHER'S DAY, honor them with some work around the house

FATHER'S DAY, honor them with some work around the house

Written By Donna Joerling (Owner and Broker). Created on 06/13/2013.

You know how it was and probably still is.  Dad knows best and Momma stands behind him and in his corner.  As a child growing up in the rural part of our country, we worked a lot alongside our parents and with that came great learned lessons.  Sometimes it was by the sweat of our brow, sometimes we learned it from just sitting around and actually listening to our parents.

Here is a short list of some things that will go a LONG way to show your Father, Dad, Papa, Pappy and so on you care:

  • Clean out the gutters of the whirly  things that always come in the spring
  • Sweep out the garage of all the winter dirt and cinders that have collected
  • Paint the front door
  • Put on a new doorbell that shines and rings clearly
  • Pull weeds along the sidewalks and in between the cracks (hard on the old back you know)
  • Give the mailbox a fresh coat of black paint, that is of course if it was black before you started painting!
  • Make him a great cup of coffee, go get the newspaper and let him put his old feet up to rest while you cook him some bacon and eggs (Only add the hot salsa and avocado slices if he agrees, wouldn't want him to fight you on the health kick would you?)
  • Go to church services with him and let him introduce you to all of his friends and fellow worshipers

Ultimately, spend some time with your dad.  He did the very best he could with what he had raising you.  For those of us that our fathers have already passed and gone to another land of living, we miss them and all the times we shared together. 

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