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Credit Score and how it affects your payment Einstein answers

Credit Score and how it affects your payment Einstein answers

Photo of Donna Joerling

Written By (Owner and Broker). Created on 10/28/2015.


  You walk into the car dealership and you can already smell the smell of freshly upholstered leather in the car seats you are about to purchase.  You know that it is about time that you had a new car vs. a used clunker (not that all preowned cars are clunkers).  You are getting excited at the prospect of a new car in your garage that you can safely drive and get all the kiddos to the soccer games, school events and the like.

THEN IT HAPPENS!  The sales person brings your application for credit into the Finance and Insurance representative or sales manager at the car dealership and they find some pings on your credit and your rate of WHAT YOU THOUGHT was going to be 3% now becomes 15%.  UGHGHGHGH, OMG what are you to do?  Now you are sitting there and you need a car. It is a must have in our society now to get everyone back and forth from all of the events we have in our family's lives. 

So here it comes, payment SHOCK!  It is a $15,000 vehicle that you are going to finance 100% on a 48 month note.  What was supposed to be a payment around $340 a month is now going to be INCREASED $85 a month up to $425 per month.  THAT CREDIT BUREAU FILE COST YOU $4,100 extra ($85 x 48 months).

Would it be worth it to get that credit restored if possible?  This extra cost of $85 a month doesn't even reflect the additional car insurance cost you would incur with a less than perfect credit score!  Put those figures together and would it be worth $499 for a credit restoration package with United Credit Services to get the credit restored as best possible?

Any EINSTEIN can figure that out right!  Contact Donna Joerling today an independent agent with FES Financial Education Services and ask about our credit restoration program through United Credit Services today.  Don't wait, every day that you put this off is costing you more MONEY!

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