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Buying or leasing hunting land by Scott WIlson Realtor

To Buy Hunting Land or To Lease Hunting Property?

Written By Scott Wilson (Missouri Real Estate Agent). Created on 08/07/2014.


A hunter has two options to secure his ability to hunt on private ground. He can lease hunting land or he can buy hunting property. Below I will address each of these as well as the Pro's and Con's of owning hunting land or leasing hunting property. Let's take a look at buying hunting land


Hands down this is in most cases is more expensive than leasing hunting property. In some cases leasing can generate cash out lay that looks to be more expensive, as owning you have the option to apply sweat equity. Your labor time while not a cash outlay does factor and can make a lease on the surface look to cost more money.

Pro's to owning your own Hunting Land:


  • Control
  • No worries about lease being non renewed or raising cost next year
  • Benefits of long-term improvements
  • Management of crops, herd and grounds is your discretion
  • You can develop it as you want
  • Possible to form a hunt club to generate further revenue
  • Freedom to build a lodge and sheds
  • Add ponds and watering holes
  • Invite who you want to enjoy with you
  • Income from selling timber, crops, hay and other natural resources
  • Hunting Lease payments are now going toward equity
  • Hunting Land typically offers a higher rate of appreciation
  • Cash rent
  • Your ability to lease it out for hunting
  • Making for a another option for your long term investment portfolio


Con's of owning your own Hunting Land:


  • Owning land requires time and commitment to maintain
  • Maintenance on structures
  • And other factors you look to improve your hunting property
  • Equipment costs to maintain the property
  • Cost of gas, electric and other fuel sources that are needed
  • Cash flow
  • Payments all year not just one time lease payment
  • Payment costs versus lease cost could impact acrea's
  • Interest payments on top of monthly principal payments
  • Taxes
  • You will need to work the land in the following areas:
    • Food plots
    • Fence maintenance
    • Tree stand hanging and building
    • Tree clearing
    • Burning
    • Crops
    • Pasture
    • Pond growth
  • Cost factor if you hire another to handle the planting and/or maintenance

Let's take a look at Leasing Hunting Property


Come January and February of each year, the phone rings from those that leased land the prior hunting season. Always, I hear how terrible they had it and it's time they buy their own track that they will not have to deal with the hassle and issues again. With some of these calls, they are 100% on the right track with the means and resources to secure their own hunting land. For some, owning is not an option within their means, which makes leasing hunting property their best option. So we simply have to now focus on finding that piece that meets their needs.


Pro's to Leasing Hunting Property:


  • In most cases is the cheapest method to obtain private hunting property
  • Little to no maintenance or labor to maintain the crops and property
  • Benefits gaining access to a large tract of land to hunt
  • Able to share in lease with other hunting buddies to obtain more acreage
  • Walk away at end of lease if the property does not produce results
  • Landowner may allow your input to aid the quality of hunt and herd
  • Usually one price gets all that you need and want, no additional hidden costs

Con's of Leasing Hunting Property:


  • Not a long term solution to personal successful herd management
  • At mercy of landowner, if he wants to renew or make changes to lease
  • Limited to improve your hunting property Ø Lodging/Travel costs
  • Landowner family "access rights" that could take away from your hunt
  • Potential limits on use of ATV's and truck usage on the property
  • Possibly only use of take down stands, limiting permanent platforms
  • Cost factor of lease for amount of days of use is typically higher
  • Limited ability to obtain in desired area's


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