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  WHY PAY RENT FOR FOUR YEARS OF COLLEGE OR MAYBE LONGER WHEN YOU CAN OWN THE HOUSE AND THEN TURN IT INTO RENTAL INVESTMENT PROPERTY.  (May have tax benefits for you now and down the road, see you CPA to discuss those options).   Thinking of Buying Your College Student a Property?   U [Read More...]

(06/24/2016) What is an appraisal and when do I need one? Aren't I really having to sell my house TWICE?

Determining VALUE is the real goal of a full appraisal.  This can be done at various stages of the home buying and selling process.  A Seller could have a third party appraisal company that they hire and pay for prepare a full appraisal valuation on the property, home, business or farm that they [Read More...]

(06/14/2016) Lake of the Ozarks getting new flood maps read more below

Lake of the Ozarks Missouri has been working with FEMA to change flood maps to be more accurate. As a current lake homeowner or future lake homeowner, please enjoy the read below from [Read More...]

(06/09/2016) Why a SPOT survey isn't really a survey

Survey companies have a lot of expertise that you need to tap into when you are purchasing and also selling real estate.  Many people buy a piece of real estsate without a survey, but that may not always be adviseable.  Read some notes about clarifying the different types of surveys and what one [Read More...]

(04/27/2016) Financing Recreational or Mini Farms in Missouri

As Missouri Realtors®, the professional agents at The Joerling Group work to make sure we assist you in not just the purchase of real estate, we also try to give you some viable options in the world of financing.  Connected to great resources throughout the area, we will give you several compani [Read More...]

(04/12/2016) Why is there a survey EXCEPTION on my title?

Why Do I Have Survey Exceptions on my Title Policy? The title policy's purpose is to advise you of all the conditions of the property. Not just what you see physically when you go to the property, but all of those items that are recorded at the court house that could affect your ability to purchase [Read More...]

(03/16/2016) Why in the world does my survey company need my title commitment?

Why Does the Survey Company Need a Copy of My Title Commitment? A title commitment is the document that a title insurer prepares which shows all of the liens, defects, burdens and obligations that a piece of property and its buyers and sellers have. A survey company reviews this document and uses se [Read More...]

(12/27/2015) LOVING where you live and affording it as well

Time to be honest about real estate with some recent statistics.  55% of all Americans can't afford their current housing over the last three years according to a survey 2015 by MacArthur Foundation. Very scary, but time to open our eyes, be aware of our expenditures and manage our monies wisely. [Read More...]

(12/22/2015) Gasconade County Missouri Surveyor of Record comments

Paul Dopuch, the Gasconade County Surveyor of record has some information that is very useful when surveying parcels in this county specifically.  For your reading and learning enjoyment.  If questions feel free to call Paul and speak first hand to the author.  Per Paul, "Previously I alluded th [Read More...]

(12/07/2015) Professional Missouri REALTORS®

There is more to being a real estate agent than a multiple choice test.  After 25 years of banking, another 15 years of real estate and hands on experience with clients, Donna Joerling knows the importance of education, involvement in the real estate industry political arena and the like.  Afte [Read More...]

(11/17/2015) Survey Loves and Needs from your lender and title company perspective

Why Are My Lender and Title Company Saying I need a Survey? We live in a perfect world, where no one makes mistakes... right? People don't build houses or garages on the wrong lot, and always build the fence on their own property. If that were the case, professional land surveyors and attorne [Read More...]

(10/28/2015) Employer Housing Assistance Benefits

Employer Assistance Housing EAH is win win for the employer and the employees. When employees 'feel' good about their home life and things are flowing smoothly, you as an employer will have a much happier employee and production numbers will definitely remain high and absenteeism traditionally is m [Read More...]

(10/26/2015) Why order a boundary survey

What Is the Purpose Of A Boundary Survey? The purpose of a boundary survey is to mark and identify where your property corners are located. Simply put, it shows you where your property begins and ends. When a boundary survey is completed by a professional land surveyor, a drawing is generated to sho [Read More...]

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