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(12/27/2015) LOVING where you live and affording it as well

Time to be honest about real estate with some recent statistics.  55% of all Americans can't afford their current housing over the last three years according to a survey 2015 by MacArthur Foundation. Very scary, but time to open our eyes, be aware of our expenditures and manage our monies wisely. [Read More...]

(12/02/2015) Renters ALERT get your credit bureaus updated with your rental payments

"Fantastic Success Story: A customer enrolled in Rental Kharma and went back 1 year of rental history. In less than 30 days her score jumped 150 she can't wait to see what Credit Restoration can do for her!!! Love this Company!" If you have been or know someone that has less than perfe [Read More...]

(11/03/2015) How do I get credit for my rent payments? You can now, read on...

   Are you being robbed of your rights to report your payment history with your landlord to the credit bureau systems?  Check out a way to change that today! If you're a renter, your largest monthly expense is probably your rent payment. Yet you don't build your credit score by paying your rent [Read More...]

(10/29/2015) Credit Score get yours restored today

Credit Restoration with Satisfaction Guarantee! Credit has a major impact on everyone around you. Millions of Americans have a score UNDER 599!!! This means you are paying more in interest for your house and care and on your home insurance, your car insurance. You can't afford to have a low credit s [Read More...]

(10/28/2015) Don't Play games with your credit score-get rental karma

  GET CREDIT FOR YOUR ON TIME RENTAL PAYMENTS WITH RENTAL KARMA THROUGH FES FINANCIAL EDUCATION SERVICES If you're a renter, your largest monthly expense is probably your rent payment. Yet you don't build your credit score by paying your rent on time. You can be penalized on your credit report fo [Read More...]

(10/28/2015) Credit Score and how it affects your payment Einstein answers

  You walk into the car dealership and you can already smell the smell of freshly upholstered leather in the car seats you are about to purchase.  You know that it is about time that you had a new car vs. a used clunker (not that all preowned cars are clunkers).  You are getting excited at the p [Read More...]

(09/29/2015) What day should I pay on my credit card bill? Well, that more

Regarding balances on revolving debt: Imagine two customers with similar profiles, yet vastly different scores.  Let's call them John & Jane.   John & Jane essentially have matching credentials, same job, income and assets.  Both want to purchase a home.  Everything about their credit is ident [Read More...]

(08/18/2015) CREDIT RESTORATION what are your options?

Sometimes it just seems like people can't get ahead.  Their history and their past always seems to be haunting them and following them around like the dust cloud in the cartoon character of Peanuts (pig pen) I think was his name.  It does NOT have to be that way when it comes to credit restoratio [Read More...]

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